Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For you Stacy!

Ok Stacy here you go...the family picture :-)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All alone!

I had to add this to the postings.  Brylin has never been without someone to play with at home, so I knew she was going to be so bored when both of her sisters were at school all day.  So what did she do her first day her sisters were at school.  Well for the first hour about every ten minutes she asked if we were going to get Kallie yet.  We read books and colored pictures but nothing would distract her.  Finally I said go play with Chaco (the dog) and she walked off in a whimper "ok Mama."  After a few minutes I could hear a strange sound so as I went to explore I found her on the stairs (she fits perfectly)talking to herself.  Then I asked her what do you want to do?  She wanted to watch a video, so up the stairs we went and once again she asks, "is it time to get the girls yet?"  When I replied not yet honey it's not even lunch yet (it was only 10:15ish) she started to cry and climbed on Brin's bed for her video.  Around 11:30 I called to her to come down stairs so we could go run some errands but there was no response.  I found her fast asleep with a little wet spot by her eyes....the poor thing had cried herself to sleep.  Today she was much happier with her own class to go to.  That and the fact she learned she gets to play with her sisters things without anyone taking them away.

Kallie's first day of 2nd Grade

What can I say, Kallie was so excited about school.  She was up and ready to go before 6.  She kept telling everyone to hurry and that we needed to get to school and get going.  She couldn't wait to see all the new people in her class.  When she got home she was excited to have a lot of the boys from church in her class.  She was thrilled to have already gotten a caught in the act award (caught in the act of do a random act of kindness) when she helped a boy pick up his spilled school supplies.  Today she gets her name read on the announcements and is put into a monthly drawing.  Just where she would loves to the spotlight.  

Brindley's First day of Kinder

My sweet little Brin.  She stressed and stewed about this day all summer and finally the day came and she did so good.  She looked so cute in her very favorite new BLUE outfit and her cute glasses.  She didn't cry once going into her class.  I admit I kept poking around the corner just to check on her and make sure she was not freaking out.  She didn't leave her teachers side but she didn't cry....that was until I picked her up.  I called her name when I saw her and when she looked at me she just BURST into tears!  She sobbed half way home that was until I finally got her to tell me about her day and the pudding in the lunch did it.  Then she was excited about being able to be at school ALL DAY and having a surprise in her lunch that she got to eat in the REAL cafeteria! I don't think she knew what she was getting into.  

Here she is!  Her first day of "real school," which is what she calls it.  I call it structured play.  She had a blast.  She painted, ate pink marshmallow's and read some silly book about green eggs and ham.  What is even sillier is that she has heard that book a million times.  I guess Casey reads it differently than I do.  Anyone that knows Brylin knows she has always talked, and talked REALLY well so it was funny to ask her questions about her day.  I had to cut her off to get another question answered she just  kept going and going.  

The tradition in our family is for your birthday you get to pick whatever you want for dinner.  What does Kallie pick?  Salad (her first request), LOBSTER, and mashed potatoes and gravy.  That isn't even that bad but my sweet husband feels the need to give us the FULL experience and bring home a LIVE one!!  Nasty, but the funny thing about all of this was Kallie was THRILLED (as you can see on her face).  Then she asks if she can keep the head on her dresser because she thinks it's cute! Definitely her fathers daughter! 

Happy Birthday Kallie!

It's amazing to me how fast time really flies.  Kallie turned 7 last week! 7 it's unreal that she is really that old.  She is such a sweet girl, so outgoing and friendly.  You can sum up her personality by her comments last year when she got home from school on the first day and her lunch remained in exactly the same as I had packed it that morning.  I asked her why she didn't eat her lunch? Did you accidently get a hot lunch, or did you feel sick....starting to panic.  Her simple explanation, "Mom do you know how many new people were in the lunch room?  I had so many people to meet I didn't have time to eat my lunch."