Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun Week!

Just a couple quick things I wanted to mention about my sweet Brindley so I don't forget :-). She says the funniest things that just crack me up, the other day she was helping me with dinner and I asked her to grab a spatula and she said "that's not a spatula Mom, (even though she knew exactly what I was talking about) it's called a shovel flip." Can't argue couldn't be more descriptive about it's use.

Today she graduated from Kindergarten, I wasn't sure if we would make it through the year but she did great and is onto first grade.   CONGRATULATIONS BRINDLEY!
Oh yea and the cat we got, she turned out to be the sweetest little thing and was such a perfect cat no joke, even Lance agreed. One MAJOR problem...Brylin turned out to be allergic to it. We waited as long as we could thinking it was just a cold but the Doctor confirmed it, so with much hesitation she was given to a new family today. 

The girls cried all afternoon. I guess stating from the beginning it was just a trial didn't matter once it became a reality we were actually going to have to get rid of her.  Here I was just using it for leverage with getting them to cooperate.   The girls had named her "Binkie" and among tears Kallie said today, "I'll never hear the word binkie again without thinking about my sweet precious cat that we'll never ever be able to have again because of Brylin's dumb nose.  Can't we just tell Brylin she isn't to touch it or breath the allergic stuff or can I just keep her locked in my room forever?"  You have to remember she is the dramatic one in the house :-).