Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All alone!

I had to add this to the postings.  Brylin has never been without someone to play with at home, so I knew she was going to be so bored when both of her sisters were at school all day.  So what did she do her first day her sisters were at school.  Well for the first hour about every ten minutes she asked if we were going to get Kallie yet.  We read books and colored pictures but nothing would distract her.  Finally I said go play with Chaco (the dog) and she walked off in a whimper "ok Mama."  After a few minutes I could hear a strange sound so as I went to explore I found her on the stairs (she fits perfectly)talking to herself.  Then I asked her what do you want to do?  She wanted to watch a video, so up the stairs we went and once again she asks, "is it time to get the girls yet?"  When I replied not yet honey it's not even lunch yet (it was only 10:15ish) she started to cry and climbed on Brin's bed for her video.  Around 11:30 I called to her to come down stairs so we could go run some errands but there was no response.  I found her fast asleep with a little wet spot by her eyes....the poor thing had cried herself to sleep.  Today she was much happier with her own class to go to.  That and the fact she learned she gets to play with her sisters things without anyone taking them away.


Bobbi Jo said...

How are you doing? I hope all is going good for your family. Love the picture it is so sweet!
Enjoying reading about your girls and all the fun pictures.
Come check out my blog when you get a minute. It is
Tell Lance hello from us!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Coco Lucas said...

Hi its Coco, Bobbi and Alans daughter. That is so sad that she cried herself to sleep. Though it is sweet that she missed her sisters that much.

Lisa said...

Niki! I saw this link on Janelle's Blog! That is so cute! I wonder if my Ty will miss his sister...She starts kindergarten in 3 weeks.

I will email you an invite to my blog!