Monday, January 19, 2009


Oh man what a day, I almost wish I hadn't gotten out of bed today. My day started with a phone call at 6:45 from my hubby letting me know that he had gotten that dreaded call from his boss that he was being laid off. We knew it was coming I mean how many layoffs could we survive in the Homebuilding was only a matter of time. If anyone has any leads for Lance send them our way :-). I am just glad they paid for school!

Kallie got two more teeth pulled to make room for the permanent one's that decided to come in before the baby teeth had fallen out. Then we went and ordered new glasses for Brin, bad timing what what do we do tell our 5 year old that can barely see too bad. Besides I am going to make the most of our 2 weeks of benefits! Let's cram in as many appointments as we can I'm up for it!

Off to cook and clean, lucky me anyone got any simple dinner ideas??

Monday, January 12, 2009

Saturday Fun!

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our 5 Favorite Things About The Holidays!

  1. Spending time with my wonderful family  
  2. Christmas - celebrating the birth of our Savior  
  3. Bringing joy to the girls  
  4. Sleeping in....
  5. No deadlines!
  1. Not having a schedule to follow
  2. Treats, treats and more treats
  3. Watching the girls get so excited about Santa & Christmas
  4. Having a new calling (Relief Society Teacher YIKES!)
  5. Extra time with the Family (immediate & extended)
  1. Her new trampoline
  2. Spending time with her family
  3. Helping decorate for Christmas (especially the tree)
  4. Lots of chocolate around
  5. Her new blanket
  1. Opening lots of presents
  2. Play with Ryder more than normal (my sister Amy’s baby)
  3. Getting an iPod
  4. Decorating for Christmas
  5. Helping Aunt Ashley paint her new house
  1. When Santa brings presents
  2. My bal-la-lay box (Ballerina music box)
  3. Making cookies with Daddy
  4. Having my sisters home to play with
  5. Spending with my family with Kallie