Friday, November 14, 2008

Our busy busy week in review....
Thursday we had the typical school followed by Vision Therapy for Brin, and that night Lance's parents arrived from Denver for Lances Graduation.  Friday was spent running errands a little shopping and preparing food for the graduation party!  Saturday we were up and out the door at the CRACK of dawn.  It's hard enough to get myself dragged out of bed but to get three little girls to cooperate and get hair done etc is exhausting.  Luckily Busia was here to help.  We were at the stadium by early was that you ask?  Well we were the FIRST row yep the VERY first row.  However for a 2 hor wait, and the 2 hour ceremony the girls did GREAT I was very happy.  Thank goodness for Ashley running the girls to the bathroom over and over AND over again and for Ipods!  After the graduation ceremony we took some quick pictures....grabbed lunch and ran home to change clothes.  20 minutes later we were off to my parents for the party.  WHAT FUN it was great to see everyone, thanks for coming!  Sunday....8:00 church, YEIKS.....nothing more to be said!  Monday I took advantage of everyone being home and after I dropped the girls off at school went walking with the crew for a while and then went for a little jog by myself.  I felt so out of my element without a stroller, I have to admit it was odd.  Then that afternoon we decided to take Grandpa to Whataburger (his very favorite place to eat) when we get a call from the school nurse, "you need to come get Kallie I believe she may need x-ray of her leg she may have broken it." back home we go and on Lance's day off he spent a good part of his day at the doctors and getting Kallie's leg X-rayed.  NO BREAK after all she just hit her shin bone REALLY hard on the play structure stairs.  WHEW!  Tuesday was Veteran's Day so the girls had no school we took advantage and went to see a movie.  Wednesday we put in every appointment imaginable.  Kallie got two bottom teeth pulled at the dentist, Brin's weekly OT, Lance's chiropractic, Grandpa's massage/reflexology app. and in between those we fit in Desert Book and Trader Jo's.  Makes me tired just thinking about it.  Then Thursday again, we took Busia & Grandpa back to the airport, drove to North Scottsdale to take Lance some items he forgot for his weekend camping and fishing with his buddies.  We then drove back to Gilbert for Brindley's weekly Vision Therapy class.  So what did I do today NOT MUCH, the girls had a donuts for Dad's breakfast at the school.  Grandpa Lewis filled in as the serrate "Father" since Lance is out of town.  Brylin and I then walked the 5 mile loop with the crew, I paid bills and messed around on the internet.   I am looking forward to getting a little extra sleep in the morning and watching Kallie in her last soccer game of the season.  Hopefully Lance will get home at a good hour tomorrow night.  

Saturday, November 1, 2008

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