Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a week!

Bare with me for those of you who read my blog. I decided I need to use it more of a journal since I am not good at keeping track of the events in our family. Last week was such a headache I thought I needed to jot it all down. Although it may sound drab and depressing I actually look at it and laugh that it all could be worse. We could be jobless along with a million other things right :-).

We started off Monday with Lance heading off to work again for his first day at his new job! YEA!! Although it was way past due I have to admit I had that brief though of "how am I supposed to do all this stuff alone," after all I have gotten used to Lance being home to fill in the gaps of Motherhood. Brylin woke up soon after with pink eye...YUCK! This was the first time we have ever gotten it and hopefully the last. I was so paranoid of everyone else getting it including myself I washed my hands to the point of being raw. Kallie also stayed home on Monday with an annoying cough which I although she didn't seem sick other than that knew she would be sent home by the nurse for distracting the class (which has happened twice this year). A Dr. visit and eye drops to accompany our day.

Then Tuesday Kallie woke up complaining of her ear hurting, a doctors appointment confirmed that she had an ear infection. So now she is on antibiotics and home for the next day. She accompanied me to some training for my work while Brylin was at preschool. Call me paranoid but I made her wear a mask. I didn't want to get anyone sick as we all work out of our homes and they were moving that weekend. She did great though and actually thought it was cool. Good thing she is only 7!

Wednesday Kallie stayed home again to rest. Thursday everyone was at school. Friday Kallie woke up with the goopie eye, Brin had a follow up doctors appointment in downtown phoenix so lucky me I got to take all three girls with me to battle there just to come back home and take Kallie another doctor's appointment to treat her pink eye. I tried and tried to convince the nurse to just call in drops but luckily they insisted on seeing her because Kallie's cold/cough had turned into Bronchitis! WHAT! So she is now on 2 different antibiotics with breathing treatments. I am tempted not only to do a disinfecting bomb in our house after last week but schedule a standing appointment with the doctors office. It's bad when you walk in the door and they know how your whole week has gone.

Brindley finished out the week getting pink eye missing a Hannah Montana birthday party she had been anticipating for 2 months, with one of her soccer buddies.

Oh and did I fail to mention we adopted a kitten on Saturday. I don't know what we are thinking but I keep telling the girls IT'S JUST A TRIAL. That way if I get buyers remorse they are forewarned. So far so good our big concern is the dog and his reaction. So far they are afraid of eachother and stear clear of one another. Time will tell.

Ho hum one week down it can only get better from here, hopefully :-)


Readings Digest said...

Yikes Niki, What a week!! Hope you are all feeling better. One tip: Keep the leftover eye drop medicine. I think you're really lucky this was your first bout with pink eye. We seem to have a round of it each year or so. Also, if you want to avoid the dr. appt to get the drops, you can always just buy Polysporin. Like Neosporin but with out the "Neo" stuff. Hope Lance's first week on the job was better than your week at home. And I hope all the girls are feeling better - especially Kallie. Good luck this next week.