Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chopped again!

I know most people have a story about their children cutting each others hair.  Well our first one was the night before Kallie started Kindergarten she chopped Brin's hair trying to make her pretty.  I franticly called Melissa to fix it and it ended up so cute I loved it.  However I am big on the long hair to be able to pull it out of their face practically everyday, so we have worked really hard on just trimming her hair and growing it out.  3 times now this year Brindley has cut a little bit off the front of her hair.  Who knows where she is finding these scissors I have about a dozen pairs up on top of the fridge and still still finds weapons of destruction. So once again on Thursday she chopped about 4 inches (a good chunk) off the front of her hair.  Honestly it doesn't look bad, it kind of looks like layers so my question is do we cut it back into a bob or leave it as layers?  We can't decide what do you think?Take our poll to the right and help us decide!  Here is a picture of Brindley 30 seconds ago with her new layered look and the other picture is of her cute bob from the first incident almost 2 years ago.  HELP!!  My only fear of cutting it short would be that she would cut more off and then we would be in BIG trouble. 


melissa said...

well, I simply can't sit back and not comment on this one!! :)
You definately need to trim her hair up, simply to blend all her hair into the little chunk that she cut off. It really doesn't have to entail such a drastic cut, it could involve an inch or two... you could still keep her length, just blend the "layers" a bit. :) I think little girls with short hair styles are super cute... either way she will still look adorable!

Sarah W. said...

Wow! This was a hard one to vote on. As a mom, i can see where it being long makes life simpler in so many ways! Its cute, easy, but versatile. But I must say, that I ADORE the bob! It looks great on her- frames her cute face well and really quite sassy!

Diaries of a Wonder Woman said...

I agree with Melissa. That is just too much hair growing to see a complete chop! Good luck and show us the final result