Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Well like I said when I started this I am not the die-hard blogger so I defiantly made up for lost time. Here are some highlights from September.

Kallie started soccer! She is thrilled to be the main goalie and does really good. She is always so upbeat and could care less if she is in or out of the game. Lance loves soccer, so the girls have been told since they were little that they would play soccer some day. Now that it is a reality she is just tickled to be involved and such a great sport. We just had our first quarter conferences with her teacher and she doing great but still has a tendency to talk and socialize in class. I don’t think that will ever change.
An update on our little Brindley all her genetic testing is done for good. All tests have come back normal so we are not going to explore that any further. YEA!! She is still loving her Occupational Therapy and does such cool stuff. Her sisters are jealous she gets to play with things like monster goo (cool putty that goes from a solid clay to almost a water consistency) and making fun necklaces. She will soon start Vision Therapy to help with her tracking issues and we are looking into bifocals. This is a picture of a necklace she made me last week. She had to look for all the red beads in a big bowl of hundreds, and then get them onto the string.  That night she had a headache and kept saying her hands were sore, yet she does it with a smile and has a great attitude.  She is doing so so good in Kindergarten! Her teacher reports that she is meeting or exceeding in every subject. She has a new BFF named Abby and has found a love for PE.

Looking back at our month I laugh because you would think we have a house full of boys. One night Lance took the girls on a bug walk. Now it is a daily request, they thought it was so fun. Everywhere we go now they get excited to see crickets and ask if they can pick them up. Then what do we do for our Fall break you ask, Lance takes us to Tuscon to a reptile show. Anyone that has known us since we were first married knows that Lance used to breed snakes and leopard geckos. For me it is nice to be on the other side of these shows and I fully support visiting them and not being so hands on. Their favorite thing about the trip was a petting zoo they had with a tortoise and some alligator/crocodile (that’s how much I know) and a blue tongue monitor (I think that is what it was).  All three of them were the size of Brindley and could have easily eaten Brylin. 

Another fun tidbit, you will notice everyone is dressed in red, this was completely intentional.  If any of you have ever attended a reptile show you would notice that 90% of the people are wearing black or some sort of dark color.  Knowing this valuable information I dressed everyone (including Daddy) in red to be able to spot them easily amongst the crowd.  Just as I had anticipated you could spot them from across the room, they stuck out brilliantly.  Until next time!


melissa said...

well, it's about time you posted... I was getting so anxious! I enjoyed reading about how the girls are doing in soccer and school... all of their pictures are so cute. You were so smart to dress your family in red shirts... just so clever. :)

Bobbi Jo said...

Love the pictures! Major yeah about the testing! Kallie looks so cute in her soccer uniform. Lance sounds like me with Baseball, I love baseball it is one of my favorite to watch and use to play.
Those reptiles are cool!How fun.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo